Discover How to Claim Unclaimed Property in Virginia: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever wondered if you have forgotten money or assets waiting for you somewhere? You might be surprised to learn that millions of dollars in unclaimed property are sitting in Virginia’s treasury, just waiting to be claimed.

If you’ve ever lived in Virginia, there’s a chance some of this money could be yours! In this post, I’ll guide you through the process of finding and claiming unclaimed property in Virginia.

What is Unclaimed Property?

Unclaimed property refers to financial assets or accounts that have been inactive or unclaimed by their owner for a certain period.

This includes bank accounts, stocks, uncashed checks, insurance policies, and utility deposits. After a specified dormancy period, these assets are turned over to the state to safeguard until the rightful owner steps forward.

Why Does Unclaimed Property Accumulate?

People move, change jobs, and sometimes forget about small balances in old accounts. Other times, companies lose track of their customers, or beneficiaries might not be aware of accounts left to them. Over time, these forgotten funds accumulate and are transferred to the state’s unclaimed property office.

How to Search for Unclaimed Property in Virginia

The Virginia Department of the Treasury operates a user-friendly online database where you can search for unclaimed property. Here’s how you can start your search:

  1. Visit the Virginia Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Website: The first step is to go to
  2. Enter Your Information: Provide your last name, first name, and optionally, the city or zip code where you have lived.
  3. Review the Results: The system will display a list of potential matches. Be sure to check the details carefully, as some entries may have similar names.
  4. Submit a Claim: If you find a match, follow the instructions to submit a claim. You’ll need to provide proof of identity and possibly other documentation, depending on the type of property.

Tips for a Successful Claim

  • Be Thorough: Check for variations of your name, including middle names, maiden names, and common misspellings.
  • Search Old Addresses: If you’ve lived in multiple places, run searches for each address to ensure you cover all bases.
  • Follow Up: After submitting your claim, be sure to follow up if you don’t hear back within a few weeks. Persistence can pay off!

Common Types of Unclaimed Property

  • Bank Accounts: Savings and checking accounts that have been inactive for a certain period.
  • Uncashed Checks: Payroll checks, dividends, or refunds that were never deposited.
  • Insurance Policies: Benefits or payments from life insurance policies that were never claimed.
  • Stocks and Dividends: Shares of stock or dividends that were not claimed by the owner.
  • Utility Deposits: Refundable deposits for utilities that were not returned after moving.

Success Stories

Claiming unclaimed property can be a rewarding experience. I’ve heard countless stories of people discovering funds they had no idea existed.

One friend found several hundred dollars from an old savings account, while another reclaimed a substantial insurance payout left by a relative.

These success stories aren’t just rare cases—many people have found financial windfalls by taking a few minutes to search.

Final Thoughts

Searching for unclaimed property in Virginia is easy and could lead to unexpected rewards. The process is straightforward, and the Virginia Department of the Treasury has made it as simple as possible for you to find and claim what’s rightfully yours.

Don’t leave potential money on the table—take a few minutes to see if there are hidden treasures waiting for you!

Have you ever found unclaimed property? Share your experience in the comments below and let us know how the process went for you. Happy searching!

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